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Who We Are


Here at Her Divine Alchemy, we create small batch, seed to sale CBD products that help Black women like you drop the facade and feel like yourself again.



Our Founder

Sharitta Marshall started Her Divine Alchemy after learning about the super power that is cannabis and how it’s been miseducated (racially) and not properly incorporated into our everyday health regime. She wanted to use this powerful plant as a way for black women to tap into their own powerful magical selves. Her quest to find an alternative to dealing with her migraines led her to discovering the power of CBD and how it can be added to other everyday uses yielding great results.

Sharitta is a Detroit native and proud graduate of THEE HOWARD UNIVERSITY and then went on to receive her MBA from Arizona State University. She has used her education in manufacturing and then moved to the booming software industry where she helps create processes and programs for efficiencies and results.

What we’re all about

The priority of proper love and care for ourselves is at the heart of what we do. We’ve designed this business to create a safe space and reinforce that we deserve to be taken care of.


To create an educated consumer that focuses on their physical, spiritual and essential well being.

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